We are currently working to restock many of our most popular items. Be sure to check back often for new products or follow us on social media for the latest updates!

Heart and Hands

If you've followed us for awhile, you know we have some of our items at a fun little shop in downtown Franklin called Heart and Hands.  Everything in their store is handmade in Tennessee.  The shop is located right on Main Street, so its a great little spot to find unique items for both locals and tourists!

Rustic Franklin, TN

What's different about this shop is that it's not merchandised like a regular "booth" vendor store.  All of the items are sprinkled through out and every time you visit it's like a little treasure hunt.  

Blue Outdoor Butterfly

The merchandise also changes seasonally.  Right now we have a few of our summer outdoor items along with some of our other best sellers.  

Puppy Plaque

Often times, we will try out new products here as well!  Or sometimes we will take unique items that fits a very specific buyer.  We love seeing what is popular at this location as opposed to what is popular at our shows.  

Tri Star Coasters

We do always try to have some of our more popular items in stock though!  Sometimes, if we are out of stock on our website or in our booth, you can still luck out in the store! 

Outdoor Watermelons

If you haven't been by, we hope you are able to stop by soon.  After finishing up a little inventory and organization we are working on restocking a lot of fun new times next week! 

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