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Cosplay and Face Paint with KnotHead Origin

KnotHead Origin combines our love for hobby crafting with our love for cosplay. Here you will find an eclectic assortment of handmade accessories, cosplay items, face paint, table top gaming and model making.  To shop our product line, visit our KnotHead Origin tab on our website.

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 To inquire about custom orders, or to book face painting services please contact us via email or through our website here.  We do not respond to inquires via social media. 

Traditional Face Paint

Face Paint services start at from $10 per image.  Parties and event pricing starts at $150/hour and includes 1 air brush artist and one traditional artist. 

Air Brush Tattoos

All of our artists use extensive sanitation protocols to ensure our face paint booth is as clean and hygienic as possible.  Clean brushes are used for every customer, and when possible, disposable applicators are used.  All of our artists are fully vaccinated and wear masks while working.  

Face Painting