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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

As I sit here snacking on leftover Halloween candy, I am forced to admit that we are officially deep in the holiday season.  As full time crafters, it seems like 6 months of the year are spent preparing for the holidays, and then 3 months are scrambling to keep up.  We began Halloween prep this year significantly earlier than in years past, and I do think it worked well for us.  We sold out of most of our Fall merchandise, with the exception of a few items in our retail stores.  Next year, we will probably carry less Halloween merchandise in stores, and more at our events.  With such a short selling season for these items, it just makes sense to put them directly in your hands at shows.  

Centennial Craft Fest

The cooler temps, mean that we are focusing on Winter seasonal decor.  Our wooden ornaments have returned, as well as our small Snowmen.  We have decided to discontinue or painted ornaments, as well as are large snowmen.  The painted ornaments are too labor intensive for their price point, and we would rather focus on the reclaimed wood ornaments.  As for the large snowmen, while we love them, they are rather complicated to make, and they seem to be just out of the price range of most shoppers.  The remaining stock we have of both of these items can be found at Mill Creek Mercantile.  

Mill Creek Mercantile

We have decided to introduce a new Gingerbread Person this year.  They are the same $24.95 price point as our small Snowman, and come with a red or green plaid bow.  We think they are incredibly cute, and are working hard to keep them in stock for you.  There is a pre order option available on our website, and the best bet to purchase one if you can not make it to one of our events.  

Snowmen and Gingerbread

Our remaining events this year are:

Crafty Bastards- November 6th & 7th

Crafty Bastards

FHS Mistletoe Market- November 13th

Mistletoe Market

Centennial Holiday Show- November 20th & 21st

Centennial Holiday Show

Handmade Nashville- November 27th

Handmade Nashville

Dickens of a Christmas- December 11th & 12th

Dickens of a Christmas


We hope to see you at one of our remaining events!

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