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Our Story


Located in the heart of Franklin, TN, KnotHead Studios is a family run small business.  We locally source our reclaimed wood and materials from the surrounding area.  Our designs are inspired by our family's interests and experiences.  We hope that our products help bring a little charm and nolstalga to your home as well! 

Our Beginings

KnotHead Studios was created in honor of James L. Smith, Jeffrey's father in law.  When his wife, Elizabeth was a child, James would tell her stories about a character he made up, KnotHead the Bear.  After James passed away, Jeffrey dedicated his wood shop to him.  James loved woodworking, and their shared love of the craft was one of the many things James and Jeffrey had in common.

Our Method

All of the items we create are inspired by the materials.  From the inception to the completion, the texture, color and age of the wood dictate the final outcome.  Combining old world craftsmanship and an desire to breath new life into vintage wood, KnotHead Studios pieces are one of a kind!